Palos Verdes Engagement Photographer - Sara + Doug


Sara is my good friend. We share our passion for photography, traveling and good food and drink. A year ago, she slid into my instagram dm’s to be my intern and the rest is history. Sara is a flight attendant and she traveled with me to my Croatia Wedding. She got me on business class, holler!!! This girl is vibrant, fun and full of life. Her and her hubby Doug make a handsome couple and they can’t take their eyes and hands off of each other. My hubby and I love spending time time with them, can you say, “WINE NIGHT”.

Sara and Doug’s love story

Nothing like your phone being dropped in the water to fall

In love with someone and marry him a year later. That’s basically our story. We met at a 4th of July pool party in the Hamptons and I asked Doug to take a picture of me in the pool to showcase my friend’s jewelry. He took the photo but he also was pushed by a little 5 year old in the pool. The phone was completely dead so we spent the rest of the day trying to find a T-Mobile store that would be opened on a holiday and he insisted on buying me a new phone, even though it really wasn’t his fault. I flew to Paris that evening but we texted for the whole seven hour flight and a year later, he proposed and a month later, we packed both our homes, drove cross country from NY to California, eloped mid country in Wyoming, and we have been in LA for two years now.