Southern California Based Wedding Photographer

Specializing in bold, energetic & imaginative love stories




I am a wedding photographer based in Gardena, California. Inspired by vibrant colors and romantic imagery, I have shot 200 weddings in destinations spanning the globe, including Paris, Hawaii, and Thailand.

I have always been the girl with the camera. Beauty is everywhere and my curiosity is ferocious. I brighten at bold colors and feed my soul with love stories. If you have a romantic anecdote, share it with me and I won’t be able to stop smiling.

My own love story lives on in scrapbooks I made from photos I took as a young girl. Recently, I married one of my closest high school friends—and now, we look at those pictures of our early moments together with unabashed joy. It goes to show you how you never know which moments are going to be the ones that last forever.